14 Inner World Secrets of Success

14 Inner World Secrets of Success|Self Reliance and Higher Lever Consciousness


I have my superficial, EGO based goals and activities… It's a part of being a human being and it is absolutely essential to have goals pertaining to stuff and accomplishment.

I also have goal sets and daily activities that are deeper and more profound. Derived from my attempt at higher level consciousness, I believe in balance and harmony and appeasing the spiritual side of us as well as the EGO side.

These are Fourteen Secrets to Successful Living from a Non Ego Based Standpoint.

(Please remember what I said before, it's important to appeal to both parts of you. A poverty driven, failure consciousness can't have spirituality and monetary gain. A wealth consciousness can have both.)

Here are the Inner World Steps to Success

Give Abundantly – We always get what we give, athletes need to give physical strength in order to achieve physical power. Success is the same way, contribution and charity as well as training all equate to more fulfillment in life.

The more fulfilled a person is, the more they will work and keep a positive attitude. Life is all about giving and the man or woman that succeeds, will get rewarded in direct contribution to how much give.

A good rule is donating 10% of everything you make to charity.

Exercise and Meditate Daily –It's easy to let things build up, it's easy to hold on to negative energy. There has to be a way to expel any excess energy and that's through exercise and meditation. Both help to put the mind into a different state and relieve pressure. They also help with physical and mental health as well as connecting back to source energy.

Try going for a 45 minute walk every day immediately followed by a 15 minute meditation or relaxation period focused on deep breathing.

Have a Clear and Definite Purpose – Your brain must have goal or target in order to succeed. Clarity on goals, backed by action will always bring the desired results over a given period of time. Your purpose will oftentimes scare you, that's spirit pushing you passed the confines of the mind.

To find your clear purpose, write down ten goals in each area of your life, health, wealth and love. Next, choose the top three goals from each area, after that choose one goal that strikes you as being most important. That is now your major purpose for the time being. Now get clear on how to accomplish it, the plan may take time to develop so be patient. Do this exercise for your inner and outer world goals.

There is no wrong or right purpose, let yourself be free in this phase of deciding what your largest priority is.

Understand that you're a Part of the Greater Whole – Your mind and body is a part of this entire universe. The intelligence in you is the same intelligence that makes the grass grow and created the big bang. The only difference is that of degree, when you truly accept that you're a part of consciousness (often referred to as God, you gain a higher level of awareness). Fears and worry begin to fall away after this realization and your goals will most likely change.

I recommend meditating on the fact that you are one with the Universal Intelligence or God, let the realization flood your consciousness until you're overwhelmed with joy.

Spend Time Every Day Doing Something You Love – It's so important to take time doing what you love. Whether it's hiking or exercising or playing video games, it really doesn't matter as long as it's a positive experience. Just 15-30 minutes a day of doing something that brings you joy is oftentimes enough to change your mind set for the better.

Start small by giving yourself 15 minutes a day doing what you love and then gradually increase it to 30 minutes as you get more comfortable taking time for yourself.

Make Time for Friends and Family – It's important to take time for the people you love. Friends and family are important to living with fulfillment, if you have neither friends nor family… then make some new friends.

You don't have to spend a ton of time with family, just quality time. 15 minutes of quality time talking is more important than 4 hours of time watching television.

I suggest following the quote, "A family that eats together stays together." Or you could follow the more religiously inclined version, "A family that prays together stays together." Both are meant to encourage devoting quality time with the people closest to you.

Hold Gratitude in Your Heart at All Times – Gratitude is the best way to keep the mind from focusing on how things are. When you can fully be grateful for things you desire that have not yet come into your life, then you will become a master of your life. You'll begin to see things manifest from your mind into your physical reality.

I suggest taking the top three goals I spoke of earlier and giving deep and sincere gratitude for them as though they were already real.

Have Faith in Your Own Inner Resources – Learn to trust yourself. You have all the inner resources needed to succeed in this very moment. Self-reliance is the most important goal a person can have. It allows you to get out of any adverse or unwanted condition. As stated at the beginning of Emerson's essay, Self-Reliance…

"Man is his own star."

To gain self-reliance I suggest you first take full responsibility for your life, that includes the success as much as the failure. Then learn to make decisions based on your own mind without influence from anyone else.

Keep Your Eyes Open for Miracles – Each of us experiences miracles every day, learning to appreciate them is a huge part of success. It also brings happiness, the miracle may be as minor as thinking of an old friend and then they call. It may be a giant miracle like a baby being born or a stroke of luck in success.

I advise you to write down one miracle that has occurred in your life every day at the minimum. Writing down 5-10 would be much better, as a bonus write down5-10 things you're grateful for.

Pay Attention to Breakthroughs – Did you accomplish something you didn't think was possible? Consider that a breakthrough, even if it was just finishing a project or eliminating a bad habit. Learn to give yourself rewards for these progressive moments and to be grateful for them. You may find they aren't as hard to create as you imagined, next thing you know you're having breakthroughs in every area of your life.

As an exercise, at the end of each week, write down 5 actions or accomplishments you took that you never had before or thought you never could.

Solve as Many Problems as You Can – This can be solving simple problems, regardless, we all have something we are very good at. Learn to appreciate these talents and skills we've been given and cultivated and share them with the world.

I advise going to a forum online or a question and answer site like Quora and helping someone who has a problem in an area you're experienced in. After a time, start trying to help more people through blogs and videos, do this exercise for 21 days and watch what happens.

Aim to be a Person of Value – Let go of the EGO based goals for a time and focus primarily on building yourself. Learn new skills in your field, work on mindset and build report with others that have common interest as you.

I suggest you spend 30 minutes a day minimum reading and 30 minutes a day listening to audios that are positive, specifically about information pertaining to your passion or desired line of work.

Do What You Love – I remember T. Harve Eker (Author of "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind") once said, "We all have passions; we just don't think we can make any money perusing them."

Let go of the money for a time, research what it takes to start a business with your passion. Study others who have the same passion or a similar one as you and see what they did to create success. You'll often find it was strictly because they loved what they were doing that they succeeded. Then share your passion with the world in the same way they did. You only live once so you may as well be happy doing what you love.

Work Your Ass Off – Nothing beats hard work, I've asked dozens of successful people in every niche and industry around the world, what the secret to success was and each of them say the same thing… Hard Work.

None of the people I have spoken with are any smarter or more clever than anyone else, they don't have special powers, they're not overly attractive or clever… They're just willing to work harder than the next guy or gal.

I know for me, my breakthroughs that have carried me over the 10k a month income range in four different professions have always happened while working my tail off.

I oftentimes think of the saying, "The harder you work the luckier you are."

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