Three Steps to Managing Your Time

Practical Personal Development – Three Steps to Managing Your Time | Be Healthy Too

Practical Personal Development – Three Steps to Managing Your Time

Ever feel that you just don't have enough hours in a day to do everything? Do you find that your to do list is growing and time is passing too fast for you to stop it or even keep up? What if you could take control of your life by eliminating the management by crisis when it comes to your time? If you're interested in learning what it's going to take to do all these things you're about to discover three easy tips:

First, acknowledge that lack of time isn't your real problem. you've the same amount of time that anyone else has, the problem is likely a lack of direction and focus. The great Igor Stravinsky said that when you limit yourself then you're truly free. This means that if there are things on your to do list which you're not getting to, the fastest way to deal with them is elimination. Start by making a list of the most important things and take the things on the bottom off.

Second, find the things which require the most focus and get them one early in the morning when you still have an ability to give them the most attention. You can get a lot more done when you're focused and not only that you'll not have to go through the rest of the day saying: "I still have to to XY and Z". This will take the emotional weight of undone tasks of you and help you focus on what you've to do during the day.

Finally, take a break. Yes, this may sound counterproductive but it's not as counterproductive as trying to push yourself when you lack the energy and drive to get things done. By giving yourself some space you'll ensure that you're more focused and effective when you're actually working. If you doubt this, do it for one week taking one day off and see if you notice a difference in your results.

As minor as each one of these may seem, over time they'll make a world of difference and eventually they'll become second nature. You may have heard it said that you from your habits first and then they form your life. These habits will empower you to achieve the stress free life you desire by helping you to effectively manage your time.

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