52 Leadership Promises for Every Week of the Year

52 Leadership Promises for Every Week of the Year - Lolly Daskal | Lolly Daskal

52 Leadership Promises for Every Week of the Year

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 9.36.12 PMHere's a promise for every single week, following them through will end up changing your leadership and your life.

There are some things every leader wants: to make an impact, to empower those we care about, professionally and personally, to be worthy of the challenges entrusted to us and to carry them out with integrity and passion.

Make these promises, and then do everything in your power to keep them.

  1. I promise to identify vision, mission, and purpose.
  2. I promise to keep developing and improving.
  3. I promise to lead with character and conviction.
  4. I promise to lead with authenticity and vulnerability.
  5. I promise to stay on course and not cut corners.
  6. I promise to lead with humility.
  7. I promise to accept responsibility and be accountable.
  8. I promise to make others' growth as important as mine.
  9. I promise to communicate concisely and speak with candor.
  10. I promise to encourage creativity and embrace innovation.
  11. I promise to listen and be silent when others speak.
  12. I promise to ask questions and listen to the answers.
  13. I promise to stretch myself and grow others as a leader.
  14. I promise to simplify things and make things easier for those around me.
  15. I promise to take risks and be flexible.
  16. I promise not to deceive or betray.
  17. I promise to give feedback and honest praise.
  18. I promise to do my best and bring excellence to each moment.
  19. I promise to see things through in tough times.
  20. I promise to care enough to confront when it's needed.
  21. I promise to lead with integrity and high standards.
  22. I promise to say only what I mean and mean only what I say.
  23. I promise to prioritize what is important and make it meaningful.
  24. I promise to be a mentor and coach.
  25. I promise not to take anything for granted and to grant all that I can.
  26. I promise to stand beside my team.
  27. I promise to have my team's back and watch over them.
  28. I promise to care for my team and pay attention.
  29. I promise to be transparent and trustworthy.
  30. I promise to be of service and supportive.
  31. I promise not to make assumptions or pass judgment.
  32. I promise to do not what is easy but what is right
  33. I promise to lead with decisiveness and purpose.
  34. I promise to lead with the kind of enthusiasm that breeds achievement.
  35. I promise to build great teams and productive systems.
  36. I promise not to hold meetings just for the sake of holding meetings.
  37. I promise not compromise my high standards or to cause others to compromise theirs.
  38. I promise to always have an open mind and open heart.
  39. I promise to appreciate my time and to value the time of those around me.
  40. I promise to give latitude instead of direction.
  41. I promise to know where I am going and to take my team with me.
  42. I promise to always bring my highest potential instead of a narrow perspective.
  43. I promise to choose my battles wisely.
  44. I promise to appreciate the underappreciated.
  45. I promise to lead with empowerment and inspiration.
  46. I promise to do what I can to make my team's workplace easier and more organized.
  47. I promise to expand and grow those around me as leaders.
  48. I promise to lead with bravery and courage.
  49. I promise to do what I can to make my team's life better.
  50. I promise not only to lead but also to follow.
  51. I promise to make love a verb.
  52. I promise to lead with heart.

Lead From Within: A promise a week— will accelerate your leadership to excellence.

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