5 Ways to Hack the Power Triangle

5 Ways to Hack the Power Triangle | Leadership Freak

5 Ways to Hack the Power Triangle

The difference between average success and remarkable achievement is your ability to hack the power triangle.

Each point of the triangle represents a uniquely qualified person you need in your life.

the power triangle

3 power people:


  • Start with yes.
  • Plan as they go.
  • Love change. Nothing's ever done.
  • Can't figure out why others don't get it.
  • Hate details.


  • Start with no.
  • Plan before they go.
  • Love finishing things.
  • Exhaust the people around them. (Unless the people around them are doers.)
  • Understand details.


  • Worry how people are doing.
  • Take people's problems personally.
  • Like working with others.
  • Understand people's motivations.
  • Love meeting pressing needs.

5 ways to hack the power triangle:

I'm a dreamer. It's taken me half a lifetime to stop pushing away those I should pull in.

Fools push away those who challenge and expand their lives.

#1. The person who is most like you gives you energy. The other two drive you nuts.

  • Doers push dreamers and feelers.
  • Dreamers irritate feelers and doers.
  • Feelers are like Rodney Dangerfield. They get no respect.

#2. Everyone is part doer, dreamer, and feeler. Don't surround yourself with well balanced people unless you aspire to average success. Look for wild-eyed dreamers, impatient doers, and feelers who prioritize people over results.

#3. You need small doses of the people who drive you nuts. Spend quality time, not quantity time, with the opposite sides of the triangle. Timing is everything.

  • Talk to dreamers early in the process. They haven't met an idea they didn't love.
  • Talk to doers when you want concrete plans and execution.
  • Talk to feelers when you're aligning talent and navigating relationships.

#4. Fill teams with doers. Sprinkle in dreamers and feelers to spice things up.

#5. Have conversations about the power triangle.

  • Invite people to self-identify.
  • Explore ways to maximize each person's orientation.
  • Discuss how to best interact with each other.

What frustrates dreamers? doers? feelers?

How might leaders navigate relationships with doers, dreamers, and feelers in ways that expand everyone's potential?

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